[FWDLK] Master Cylinder Mysteries
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[FWDLK] Master Cylinder Mysteries

Hi All -

This is a followup to a post of several weeks ago concerning the brakes on
my 58 Plymouth.

I have pre-bent brake lines from Inline Tube that so far have fit perfectly.
However the line that connects the 'T' to the master cylinder seems to be
bent to mate with the front port, as opposed to the bottom port. So I
decided to go with that and put the hydraulic switch on the bottom. I
thought that both ports were identical, but looking inside the ports, I
noticed that one is tapered while the other isn't. Is one threaded for a
pipe thread, while the other is for a tube thread ? I'd hate to strip the
threads on this NOS master cylinder by using the wrong connector.  If I were
to use the bottom port for the brake line,  and bend my own line, the
clearance would be minimal between the master and the steering column.
Anyone have thoughts on this ?

Another mystery: The parts book shows a brake hose connecting the master to
the 'T' (part no 1739246). I purchased what is supposed to be a 1739246 from
a vendor on ebay (Mitchell), but the thing is only about 5" long. Not nearly
long enough to mate with the T.

Ron, scratching his head.


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