[FWDLK] Digital Age Cyprus 888-529-98 Fraud Alert
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[FWDLK] Digital Age Cyprus 888-529-98 Fraud Alert

Hello, All,
I just opened my bank statement and found a charge of $24.99 from "Digital Age Cyprus 888-529-98".
I didn't recognize the company, so I did a little Google search on "Digital Age Cyprus".  It is a fraudulent charge, apparently from the theft of data from a company last month or so.
There are apparently hundreds or more victims of this, whether you use your card on-line or not.  Google led me to several websites addressing this one fraud.
Check your bank and credit card statements, and if you find this (Or other) charges, call and dispute them.  The bank is also changing my card number and issuing a new card to me.  No need to close the account because it will affect your credit rating.  Just have them change the card number.
I know this is not directly car-related, but if you use your credit cards to buy parts, you need to know!
Joseph L. Savard
855 Orion Road
Lake Orion, MI 48362
(248) 693-6453
Cell (248) 425-5302


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