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Re: [FWDLK] Garage floor carpet

That’s CarPad, I guess, John – here’s the website:




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I have a heavy gauge plastic pad on the floor under my cars.  It's called CapPad.  It has a place to put rubber hose on the sides and the ends to keep water off the pad.  It's very durable.  It's been in the garage, under my Fury for 9 years and there are no holes in it.  I'd recommend it to anyone who has an old car that has a tendency to leak it's fluids.  The stuffs stays on the pad and is easily wiped up.  No stains, etc.  The company is located in Dayton, Nevada.  1-800-635-7927 

John Paxos

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Actually, in my experience, water does not sweat "out" of the concrete. In colder climates, like here in Minnesota, the concrete gets very cold during the winter. In the spring, the air warms up and carries a lot of humidity. The water vapor in the warm air then condenses onto the cold concrete surface. The concrete can even "radiate" the cold to the bottom of a car, causing the humidity to condense on the car too. A few years ago, I opened the garage door on a very warm and humid early spring day. After an hour, it looked like in rained on the floor in my garage. The best solution is to place a fan so the air circulates under the car to keep it warmer and to help the concrete warm up faster.


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