[FWDLK] '57 Chrysler GOLD dash knob painting
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[FWDLK] '57 Chrysler GOLD dash knob painting

From time to time I field the question of what is a good paint to use to replace the color in the dash knobs of '57 Chrysler 300s and lesser models.   Paints come and go over time in the market place.  My current best recommendation is to use Dupli-Color "Metalcast" #EMC202000 named "Yellow Anodized".
If you believe you have a good rich full original color sample of what the finished color you are looking to duplicate, keep it handy.  With lacquer thinner on a rag, remove all traces of the original paint in the knobs you wish to re-color. 
Mask the majority of the outside of the knob - it is impossible to get the edge to the depression fully masked and that is okay as it can be wiped off when you are completely done.  Stand the knobs vertical to allow the paint to center as you spray.  
Spray on a low humidity day for maximum clarity of the finished paint.  When spraying try NOT to create a puddle in the middle of the knob.  My experience is a light coat followed in 5 minutes or so by a wet coat must then be allowed to dry a minimum of a half hour before the next dry and wet coat.  When first applied the paint will appear cloudy;  when dry it will be clear!  I'm going to suggest to you it will take at least four or five "dry and wet" applications to reach the factory gold tone depending on your applications.   Unmask when you are satisfied with the color of your last coat. 
After a minimum of 48 hours drying time, take a rag with lacquer thinner again and wiping away from the center, remove the overspray on the edge that could not be masked.
Wayne Graefen
'57 300 Tech to the Chrysler 300 Club Intl


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