[FWDLK] Carpet Problems
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[FWDLK] Carpet Problems

Hey Everyone -

Finally had a chance today to measure out the carpet that I bought from Auto
Custom Carpets (actually one of their affiliates). I chose them based on
positive feedback from the list. The results were disappointing. Carpet is
about 6 or 8 inches too wide. But worse, it doesn't seem to be correct for
my 58 Plymouth: there is a 2' long horizontal opening in the center heading
off to the right of the front piece. Anyone know what that is for ? The heel
pad is totally wrong and seems to be too far down to be of any good. Rear
piece is also too wide. Is the carpet supposed to go under the rear seat ?
No installation instructions provided. Grrrrrrr !

If anyone else on the list has dealt with them, have they had similar
problems ? Any suggestions ? I plan on calling the company tomorrow (their
tech support people only work until 2pm !). Box did say 58 Plymouth 2dr HT
on it.



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