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Re: [FWDLK] Carpet Problems

Older Lincolns 1950 1951 had a flap in the carpet on the trans hump and that was the place you added and checked the trans fluid.
I also think they may have sent out mislabeled carpet,,,,BUT do not cut it in anyway and they should exchange it.
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Hi Ron,

I have no idea what the opening is in your carpet - sounds strange, a defect
maybe? It is normal that the carpet sections are wider than the original -
it does have to be trimmed to fit. As far as heel pad, yes, it is not quite
as the original, it's a generic pad.  Only Legendary carpets have the right
heel pad, as far as I know.

Installation instructions?  Get out the razor blade / carpet knife and go.
Start with the rear piece. Center it well. Trim it out as required. Make
damn sure you press down hard in the footwell areas / sill areas before
doing the final trimming.  Then repeat with front carpet.  Not only do you
need to center it well, you also need to deal with the forward edge of it
being as far forward as possible, and trimmed out as required, before
worrying about the rest.

Most important "trick" is to press down hard in the footwell areas and make
sure carpet conforms to floor pan, before making final cuts at left and
right sides. If not, the first time someone puts their feet down, the carpet
will be pulled out from under the sill plates / kick plates.   I use a
rubber mallet and beat the crap out of the the carpet where it needs to
"bend" more.  I also leave a couple extra inches at the side edges, and only
make the final cut after I am SURE it's right.

As with everything else, take your time. Always work from the center, out.

Just installed an ACC made carpet in my '61 Newport. Had no problems. Just
took a few hours.

John Hertog
Sag Harbor NY     

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Hey Everyone -

Finally had a chance today to measure out the carpet that I bought from Auto
Custom Carpets (actually one of their affiliates). I chose them based on
positive feedback from the list. The results were disappointing. Carpet is
about 6 or 8 inches too wide. But worse, it doesn't seem to be correct for
my 58 Plymouth: there is a 2' long horizontal opening in the center heading
off to the right of the front piece. Anyone know what that is for ? The heel
pad is totally wrong and seems to be too far down to be of any good. Rear
piece is also too wide. Is the carpet supposed to go under the rear seat ?
No installation instructions provided. Grrrrrrr !

If anyone else on the list has dealt with them, have they had similar
problems ? Any suggestions ? I plan on calling the company tomorrow (their
tech support people only work until 2pm !). Box did say 58 Plymouth 2dr HT
on it.



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