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Re: [FWDLK] tires

hmmmm...   that's pretty beat- even the bias plys have some blowout history now, and 55mph?  some greater power was watching over me i guess...  i've exceeded 110 on a regular basis almost weekly for a while on the H78-14 4 plys, and even pulled down a low 13 on a set with 22lbs in the back tires just as a test- car went a second slower from about 45% the normal tread width- but believe it or not- they did well..
even did a little trip on rt 80 with a fellow list member in the close to 3 digit speeds, nascar'ing around anything in the way.... in a 59 plym...  fun fun fun
all in all - i've seen more firestones let go- have 2 rear treads take a vacation on my hauler at 2 different times... once with a 58 plym on the trailer, coming back from TN, and the other trailering the race car out to island dragway...... with about 1/16th of a mile of warning...

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