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[FWDLK] FW: Tulsa poem

A forward from John Bartell…


From: John Bartell [mailto:59fins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 9:35 AM
To: Dave Stragand
Subject: Tulsa poem



    It had to happen....here is my poem about Tulsarama and Miss Belvedere.    Post it if you would... I know it is longer than the average posting.


Thanks, John in WI ... glad to have finally met all of the fine people from the list that attended Tulsarama... it was great



Tulsa Week by John Bartell


So off they went to Tulsa land

Clinging to hopes she would look so grand.

They gathered in groups from the East and the West,

From the North and the South all there for a fest.

All coming to see an icon from America’s past

Telling tales and stories and having a blast.


Finned cars from the past drew attention from all

Owners driving them with pride, all having a ball.

One painted red and another one white

Shined up paint and chrome polished bright.

Some were like new and some showed their age

But only one from Tulsa was to take center stage.


Stories and rumors flashed across all of the press

How would she look and how would she dress.

Would she rise from the earth with a gleam in her eye

While sleeping 50 years, did she stay high and dry.

Did she have a peaceful sleep, free from distress

Or had she been disturbed by water and stress.


The time had come and off came the lid

A frightful sight, into the vault, water and mud had slid.

Some people gasped and some may have cried

Technology from the past had truly been tried.

She was put to bed all covered and sealed

But it is now 50 years later, the plastic to be peeled.


The crane was on sight, a big job was at hand

Lifting her out, how much could she stand.

With pomp and politicians and music and folk

Will she come out in one piece or will she be broke.

They started the crane and up in the air

A worldwide audience applauded and stared.


With an idea of her condition and what had transpired

Photos were flashed and video wired.

On to a trailer and off to the hall

An unveiling of this queen long awaited by all.

So all gathered here in American tradition

Watching and waiting for Tulsa’s rendition.


So with some pomp, music and a few miscues

Off came Miss Belvedere’s cover without further a due.

A sight was unfolded  for all to behold

Some rusted steel, flat tires that all looked like gold.

Water still dripping from inside her belly

Images were captured on  camera and telly.


Not the vision of grandeur that we had all wished

TO this icon from the past , a dose of reality had been dished.

Mother nature and time had taken their toll and oh so mean

But beneath all of her rust, her beauty was seen.

One of a kind, not another on earth

Still holding her head high since the moment of birth.


Put her up on display in a place of respect

Do not change a thing and do this direct.

Why try to make her look like something she’s not

When no other car on this planets has what she’s got.

A true one of kind, she cannot be cloned

Hopefully treated with dignity, by whomever she is owned.


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