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Re: [FWDLK] Charging

You did verify the coolant was full?

The only thing I know of that makes the temp gauge act wonky - particularly rising to peg when moving, but returning to normal when stopped - is a low coolant level. Although I suppose the sending unit could also cause that problem if it were bad.

Of course, that would have nothing to do with the lights. But 16 volts seems like beyond the capabilities of the car, even with a bad regulator.

Bill K.

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So I'm finally out driving my car for the season and remembered that at =
the end of last season I had an issue.

When I throttle the car up to highway rpms, the temp guage goes all the =
way up almost to overheat and as soon as I let the throttle down, the =
guage comes down to where it should be. Definitely not worrking corrrect =
in that there's no way the engine temp is fluctuating that much in that =
quick of a span. Then driving home I notice my headlight are =
exceptionally bright.
Anyway, I get home and put a volt meter on it and at higher rpm, it has =
the meter pegged past 16 volts (16 is the highest the meter goes)
So off the top of my head and haven't dug the manual out for any testing =
procedures. I'm thinking the voltage regulator is bad.=20

Any other possibilities?



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