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Re: [FWDLK] Car insurance new thread

I have Hagerty on 4 cars,2 glass claims,one smooth as snot..... the other was a little tough,the one claim rep acted like your typical insurance a--hole,pissed off the glass company and the manager whom I've dealt with for years didn't even want to do my car,I had to call Hagerty,talk to this idiot's supervisor who I ripped up pretty bad, then after that things went smooth. I think he thought he worked for Progressive. Overall I'm really happy with them,agreed price, unlimited mileage,they cover modified cars,floating liability and my favorite,they use NOS or as close to NOS parts that can be found! I work as a Body Shop manager so I know how hard it is to get a dime out of insurance companies,it's amazing how they try to screw the customers,even on cars that are a few days old,I talked to the Hagerty rep for an hour before signing on with them. I checked into several companies and they offer the best protection for these old cars. I have 4 cars,3 of them hot rods,and $60,000 coverage among them and I pay $880 a year,  you can't beat that. Whomever you use get agreed price coverage,Stated value means they will pay up to(and usually not pay anywhere near) the price you set on your car,agreed value means in the event of a total loss or theft that is the value of the car,period.
Good Luck,
Adam Lindenbaum

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