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Re: [FWDLK] Car insurance new thread

I also have a zero deductible on all claims. Does AAA guarantee new or NOS parts? Do they insure modified cars? Do they pay you to repair your own car in case of a claim or let you pick your own repair facility without hassle? These are all very important questions. As I stated before I deal with insurance companies on a daily basis and aside from State Farm on newer vehicles they are constantly trying to screw the shops and the customers,it's bad enough to deal with that on your 2006 car,it really would suck if it's your 50 year old collector car.Please everyone ask a lot of questions before you pick your company,cost is the least of the issues here. As much as I shopped around and asked the important questions,Hagerty came out to be the best, American Collectors was the scariest, the rest (other than Grundy,I never spoke to them) all had some issues I wasn't happy with.
Adam Lindenbaum

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