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Re: [FWDLK] Car insurance new thread

Likewise, I have four vehicles insured with State Farm:


1968 Cadillac Convertible as my daily driver

1958 Plymouth ($15k)

1959 DeSoto ($10k)

1981 DeLorean ($20k)


With all four on the policy, I pay less than $750/year.


Last summer, I had a broken windshield on the DeLorean (broken during a storm at the DMC national meet), and had no problems at all getting a factory replacement, and they were okay with me doing the work.  They even insisted on paying me the installation fee that an installer would charge!  I have been very pleased with them.




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I have State farm and I hit a 2 week old Durango several years ago with an '88 Subaru on the ice,I was doing about 45 and hit black ice,tore the sh-t out of the Durango doing about $8,000 or more worth of damage. My rates went up about $60 a year for 3 years,I don't get that story over a broken headlight. I also have several customers who had hit 2 or 3 deer in a couple of years period or have had multiple accidents in a short period of time without problem.

Adam Lindenbaum

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