Re: [FWDLK] Anyone need '59 Dodge used panels?
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Re: [FWDLK] Anyone need '59 Dodge used panels?

The recent prices of scrap has prompted bottom feeders in particular to round up anything of any kind of metal for the scrap yards. I live in a rural area with a town of 5,000 people and the rest of the area farms and suchlike. Our local yard was taking anything on the trailer or P/U bed, but stuff like cars and farm implements were being snatched off other peoples land and sold for scrap. After you run out of your own stuff to sell, scum-bags just look for anything sitting around with the owner not around. We had one clown bring in a running motor home that he stole out of someone's pasture. Now the yard photo copies your license for any payment over $50.00.

I have noticed that the yard is now setting any cars/trucks aside and NOT scrapping them. So much is coming in that they can't keep up with the flow, so they don't need to scrap the old cars right away. They now have a nice collection of old cars in various states of repair or demise. They are also saving usable metal such as shaped steel, plates of various sizes, roofing tin, siding and much more.

The point of all this is look up your local scrap yards and ask if they save anything and if you can walk around and find anything usable to you. We have a plant here which cuts shapes out of flat steel and what ever they don't use they send over for scrap. I've found 1/8" to 1/2" flat steel plates up to 12" X 18" laying on the ground. They charge a few $ a pound and that's cheep and easy just to stock up the shop.

Ray in Mena

On Jul 15, 2008, at 12:34 AM, Bill K. wrote:

Found a guy on the HAMB board who has a '59 Dodge of unknown model or bodystyle he was parting out.  As usual, another lazy clown who makes no effort to find people who want pieces from the car, I happened on it because he wanted to know how to scrap the car without a title and commented that no one wanted solid panels from it.  Must be located in California, out there you need a title to junk a car. 
If anyone's interested I can pass it on or give you the contact information.
Been a lot of debate on there lately about people junking good stuff and I'm just ticked off in general because guys will complain they can't sell stuff when they either don't advertise it, or advertise it poorly, or be like one clown on there and never answer the phone when they claim they'll be home - I actually had one local guy bone me on a car, he sold it to some scrap guy who walked up - while I was repeatedly trying to call him and leaving messages, when I said I was going to.  Another guy on there was going on how he saved this batch of cars from scrap, but that they were too rough to build so he was parting them out - cars up rolling on 4 wheels with paint left - and desirable body styles - and this (expletive) takes like half a dozen parts off and scraps them - what did he save exactly?  The last car I scrapped was a bare shell that I even lopped the roof skin off from, that the frame was falling off from the bottom in pieces.  And that was after trying to sell it whole for 2 years.  Some people are just so unbelievably stupid and lazy it confounds comprehending.
Bill K.


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