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Re: [FWDLK] eBay Motors: Dodge

i had a 59 suburban wagon fire cheif's car- it had 19,000 miles and all its equipment, factory single-tone coral. it had the red globe and in NJ it had to run a "sock" on the gumball when in transit-- i found out when i threw it on one night leaving a cruise! no problems from that though-  some of you may have seen it- it was originally lebelled for Oaklyn NJ, it was sold to a guy in NY, then resold on ebay, then restored, rebadged and painted red and sold yet again for over 30k with now 21,000 actual miles- we sold it in 1998ish, the big numbers came in around 2003ish...

had flat thick black vinyl seats- installed over the orig upholstery- you can see the piping patterns in the seatinga nd backrests, savoy-level dash, siren, tube transmitter radio, spring-loaded whip, red gumball, siren and side/tail lettering.... maybe i'll dig out the ol 35mm shots and scan them one day----

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debenson2 wrote: 
> I think the blue light was a southern US and Florida deal.... 
> debenson2 
In Some States You CAN NOT run a red light on the street in an UN-official car, I DO NOT know the rules/regs in the state that the car is in nor maybe from. So, the Blue light just might be complying with Current law/ordinance where ever the car is 
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