[FWDLK] NAPA 2009 Classic Calendar - '56 Fury is January Feature!
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[FWDLK] NAPA 2009 Classic Calendar - '56 Fury is January Feature!

Today I finally obtained a copy of my favorite calendar, the NAPA "Classics".  I've enjoyed these calendars for probably 23 years.
To add to my glee in getting the calendar was turning to January, and being stared down by a gorgeous '56 Fury, owned by John Delap.  John, are you a member of this list?
I noticed the Fury's lights were on when the photo was made...probably because of the gorgeous brunette kneeling next to it, caressing its fender (my lights would be on, too if I were in that car's tires).  I guess that makes it a "boy" car, eh?  8-)
Not only have I enjoyed the top-notch photo quality in these years of the NAPA calendars, but they almost always have the female models tastefully clothed and posed.  However, I had to chuckle at October's photo of the '70 300 Convertible...the young lass looks like she may have posed for one of those import tuner magazines.
Well, there, I've shared my excitement for the day...LOL...
'55 Belvedere sedan


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