[FWDLK] WCFB carb linkage
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[FWDLK] WCFB carb linkage


Photos of my 57 Fury WCFB linkage if it's any help.


Carb linkage3.jpg


Carb linkage1.jpg




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Thanks to everyone so far on my dual carb question.    Dave, you're 

the first to mention the linkage for 55 or 56 Mopar duals has no 

slot.  My engine is a '57 318.  The rod that has no slots looks like 

an original piece, not a homemade set up, so this may be the correct 

linkage for a earlier dual carb set up.  I will get it right I'm 

sure.  Thanks again to everyone.  All the info is very helpful.    Nick.

On Nov 22, 2009, at 6:55 PM, David Homstad wrote:


> Nick,


> It sounds like what you have is the correct linkage for a 55 or 56 

> Mopar

> dual quad system. In those years both carbs opened at the same time, 

> thus no

> slot. Starting in 57, the linkage became progressive, so the rear carb

> opened first and the front carb caught up latter.


> I prefer the progressive style myself, even thought my car is a 56 

> with 57

> Fury carbs. You might suggest a trade with a 56 owner who wants the 

> correct

> linkage and has a progressive linage to trade.


> Dave Homstad

> 56 Dodge D500 2x4


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> Subject: [FWDLK] dual carb linkage adjustment


> I just picked up a '59 Sport Fury and it has a '57 318 engine with the

> dual quad set up with the WCFB carbs.   What is the correct way to

> adjust the linkage between the two carbs?  It was set up with both

> carbs getting equal acceleration, which I don't believe is correct.

> The rod between the two carbs doesn't look stock as it has no slot or

> adjustment allowance.  It is basically a rod with two holes in it.  On

> another car I have with dual carbs with AFBs there is a slot in the

> rod between the carbs and an adjustment allowance.  I have a sheet on

> how to adjust the idle mixture for the dual WCFB carbs but no mention

> of throttle linkage adjustment.  Any info greatly appreciated.  Nick

> Nichols



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