[FWDLK] car insurance
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[FWDLK] car insurance

      This is an overlooked, but very important part of your insurance policy. The Medical payment cap. Most of us have a $5,000. per person cap on the medical payment under the comprehensive part of our policys.
Having had a major accendent just weeks ago, trust me it's not enough. As soon as you finish this, call your agent and raise that part to $10,000. or even $25,000. It cost little more, maybe $30. a year or so (for 10K), but will make a hugh difference if you have even a small accident.
I ran into the back of my wife @ about 50mph. Someone suddenly stopped in front of her to make a left turn, She stopped, i had looked aside and looked back to see the back of her van comming at a very fast rate. I totalled both vans, and ended up with 8 broken ribs. She has many bruises, but is ok.
The 2 ambulance rides totalled $3,000. for a 8 mile and 110 mile ride. The trama hospital bill was $3,000. plus the other hospital and all the docs and suchlike bills still to come. Don't know yet how much it will all come to, but I can see $10K a'comin'.
I'm doing fine, thanks you very much, but wanted ty warn all y'all about this.
Shelter Insurance was great, has paid everything nearly instantly, I had a check for the 2005 T&C she was driving in 3 business days and have bought a 2006 T&C found on eBay. i bought back my wrecked 2005 and it's on eBay Item number:120594296603, if'n ya wanna see.

OK, now call, medicare will pick-up most of what the insurance misses for me, but many of you don't have that available.


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