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Re: [FWDLK] Removing Undercoating Followup

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Here's an update: I rented a heat gun from Taylor Rental. $10 for 24 hrs. It
worked amazingly well.

I'm stripping the inner fenders, which has very few flat surfaces. So I
ended up using a chisel with a 1" wide end. In tight areas, I used a 1/2"
screwdriver. Got all the undercoating off the passenger side inner fender in
about 2 hrs. Plan to do the other side tonight. These are off the car, BTW.




  Glad to hear this worked well for you.  I try to avoid chemical fumes from anything used to soften the tar, so this method worked well for me.  I like to place a fan behind me to blow the smoke from the heating tar away from my face.  It is a little tedious, but not too bad.

  Another things that works well in those tight spaces or for the lingering bits of light stuff the putty knife doesn't get is a welder's wire brush.  After being heated and cooling, that light stuff comes off pretty good with the brush.



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