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Ron, if you are asking about the 1957 D501 models: all of them
were manual transmissions.

Dunno about the 1956 D-500-1 models, as far as their trannies are concerned.

Neil Vedder

Ron Swartley wrote:
** * I agree with you on the 57 cam being capable of handling the additional carburetor on the 325 cu inch 1957 D 500 Super. Dodge did the same thing on the 1958 Dodge D 500 super with 2/4 bbl carbs.(same cam)* *However I do remember reading a special report on the 1957 D 500-1 which had the leftover 56 Chrysler 300 B engines of 354 cu inches, it said they had the new 1957 Chrysler 300 C cam with solid lifter installed in their 354 engines.* * I wonder if anybody on the list knows if there were any D 500-1 that were produced with Torqueflite transmission. Nobody seem to ever talk about that?* ** * Ron Swartley*
* (still loose on the East Coast)*
In a message dated 12/10/2010 2:41:35 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 57SuperD500@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    The parts book doesn’t show any of the known 1957 Super D
    exclusively components. Like – for instance and among others –
    Generator Bracket, Shaft to Carburetor Rod and Coil Mounting Bracket.

    So, not listing a Super D cam doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. But
    like I explained earlier: the ‘basic’ D500 was capable enough to
    handle the increased air/fuel mixture flow at higher revs. And the
    higher revs were simply and solely accomplished by adjusting the
    transmission rod to a higher shifting point. Higher revs need more
    air/fuel mixture, that’s when the second (front) carburetor comes
    in. In contrary to the 1956, the 1957 Super D dual carburetor
    setup was progressively linked.

    Jim, The Netherlands.


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