Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses
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Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses

On Sep 26, 2012, at 1:45 AM, ddavids@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I need to replace one of the taillight lenses on one of my 57 DeSotos,
> but an easy way to do so isn't readily apparent. The chrome bezels can be
> unbolted from the fin easily enough, but I can't get them off the car.
> There doesn't appear to be enough clearance between the bottom of the
> bezel and the bumper/exhaust port to tip or wiggle them out.
> What am I missing? Do I have to drop the bumper just to get the bezels off?
> Dan Davids
> Seattle
> *************************************************************


  You are correct.  They can be tough to squeeze past the bumper if it is slightly closer to the body than normal.  You may need to loosen 
the bolts holding the bumper to the frame and let it fall away from the area in question enough to do your work and cinch them back up 
after re-installing the tail light assembly.

  This may be a good time to get some nice, "uncrunchy" nuts and bolts installed in there and make any adjustments to the hang of the 
bumper by shimming.  More than you planned on doing, but it synchs well with getting that tail end looking "just right" and with clean bolts 
in there, next time you need to do work there, it won't be the usual fight with crusty bolts. This is where I deviant from stock, and like to 
use stainless.  If anyone wants to get their purist knickers in a knot by checking my bumper bolts for being too shiny, they can kiss my ....
My knuckles are worth more than their uppity opinion.  :-)

  I have a saying I like to tell myself:  "Be nice to me !".  I think everyone should be nice to themselves, especially when it involves potential 
loss of hide.



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