[FWDLK] Chrysler Hemi's
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[FWDLK] Chrysler Hemi's

Just a refresher in Chrysler hemi displacements:

1951-55:  331 CID (The 1955 Chrysler 300 engine had 300 HP, hence the model
designation--a regular production US stock car first). (5.4 Liters)

1956:     354 CID (A 355 HP racing engine was available in the Chrysler
300B--first with over 1 HP/Cubic Inch Displacement). (5.8 Liters)

1957-58:  392 CID  (6.4 Liters) Chrysler 300 C&D

1964-71:  426 CID (7.0 Liters)

2003-13:  345 CID (5.7 liters)  (Why they didn't take this to 354 CID, I'll
never know)

2005-10:  SRT-8 372 CID (6.1 Liters)

2011-13:  SRT-8 392 CID  (Ahh--they finally caught on-how retro!) (6.4

Interestingly enough, my 2005 Dodge Durango with 345 CID hemi, 4WD and
trailer tow package has 3.92:1 differentials for maximum towing capacity of
8,600#.  I still get better mileage driving the Dodge and towing our '55
Chrysler 300 on an open trailer than I can get driving the 300.  The Dodge
does not get good mileage around town and fairly leaps from a start with
just feathering the accelerator pedal.

Chrysler literature indicates the 426 hemi was available in the '64 Chrysler
300K but I have seen no indication that any were ever built.

Rich Barber

  1. Chrysler : Other 2 Door coupe in Chrysler | eBay Motors (2)

A very nice 57 Chrysler too bad it is not a 354 "hemi"....


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