[FWDLK] Just Bought a 59 DeSoto
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[FWDLK] Just Bought a 59 DeSoto

I will be sending the serial number and all info for the readout for the build history. It did not have a body-fender plate installed as a new car. I and my son are very suspicious it was the Los Angeles new car show vehicle. The serial number is: M451100192. A very early car. 2,364 made. As of 1984 there were 96 of these registered in the 48 states. It was built at the Jefferson Assembly.
   This car is a ZERO Rust free car. Absoutely amazing and clean. Light metallic blue with a white top. The blue was a repaint. I do not like their paint work. The chrome has no dents or rust. I am using triple ) steel wool on the chrome and pot metal. The stainless is about a 98 in perfection.
   My sons 60 Blue Polara D500 Ram convert is also a no fender plate car. Early cars did have no plates installed, especially show cars.
   It looks as if it has never been in an accident.
   I would like to know if anyone has pictures of this or these when new as I have a couple issues with the wheel covers, power brakes, and so on. The brake pedal pad does not say power brakes on it. I think otherwise it is supposed to. It has swivel seats, non power. It also has the shakle plates as if used to have air ride. The system is not other wise there. It is a 4 door hardtop, Fireflite.
   Email me if you would like pictures for further searching of what I have here.  If any answers, my email and cell I am including.  joe machado  Spicemanii@xxxxxxxxx and phone:  760 413 9602   Thank you in advance.


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