[FWDLK] Trunk Seal
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[FWDLK] Trunk Seal

I'm having difficulty locating the correct trunk seal for my 64 Dodge 880.
It should be the same profile as 62 Chrysler, which should be the same as
61 Chrysler. Right? (I wanted to make sure this request related to our fin

The problem is that the various supply houses keep sending me what must be
B-body seals. No surprise, as people simply don't know that the 62-64 880s
 are essentially Chrysler Newports in different trim. They have 64 Polara
on the brain, which is a whole different car. Anway, the correct C-body
seal profile is much wider than what I'm being sent.

Does anyone on the list have specific knowledge as to where to get the
correct seal?


Dan Davids


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