[FWDLK] Hubcaps for sale
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[FWDLK] Hubcaps for sale

Trying to clear out, downsize...
I have the following, most in good to fair Driver  condition.
I will send photos if you need to see them.
On ebay:
2 1966 Chrysler Spinner Flipper Hubcaps, $100.00 plus shipping

Just on this list for now:
Dog Dish
3- 1966 Valiant
1- 1964 Valiant
3- 57/58 Plymouth
1- 47/48 Chrysler T&C
1- 47/48 Plymouth
1- 1957 Plymouth or it may be a 52-53 Studebaker

Full Dish
2- Dodge Polara Monaco
2- Chrysler Turbine Style Part #2823035
1- Early 1953 pre-lawsuit w/Gold Center and 3 impressed bars
       Mercedes sued, said it looked like their tri-bar symbol
1- 1956 Plymouth  15"
2- 50/51 Dodge 15"
1- 50/51 De Soto  15"
1- 1958 Chrysler 14"

$10.00 ea on the singles, $17.00 on the pairs and $22.00 on 3's ALL plus shipping.
Give me your address and I'll figure postage.
I can make a deal on a bunch for you to hang around your Shop or Man Cave.

Also for your collection, 1960 De Soto Color Chart from Du Pont with part#'s and codes $10.00 PP
A Buck Baker Chrysler 300 1/64 in Display case $22.00 pp

Ray Jones.
in Mena, ARkansas -
Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


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