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Re: [Chrysler300] C300 Vapor lock

Update.  We left St. Louis in the cool of the morning  and drove in city traffic 1 hour in 60 degrees no problem.  Made it to Rolla for good gas now headed to Springfield. Having a ball

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Our C-300 only had problems starting before putting in the electric pump back by the tank.  Never a problem with vapor lock while running, even though it got hot idling in parades and traffic.  It seemed to run fine on corn gas if it could be started. 


Later, and after much engine-system element replacing and checking, a major impediment to operation was found to be a worn and frayed (small) wire between coil and distributor.  It never died, just lost power at higher RPM.  Recently, someone reported a faulty coil that crapped out at high temperature.  Condensers can also go bad, even though they seldom do.  The little wire between the point sets inside the distributor can be difficult to properly tighten and provide intermittent aggravation including FORD.


Best wishes for a safe and reliable journey.


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Well after a few false emails let's try this Again


We left KC on Thursday for Route 66 mile #1 in Chicago. Until yesterday we had zero problems with anything. Now on Tuesday we were left no option but corn gas. We are on our second tank and numerous vapor locks and it was only 75 degrees here today but we had been on the road 6 hours when it got very bad. Finally quit dead a block from the St. Louis arch. The next realgas is in Rolla MO. Heading out in the am fingers crossed. I guess an electric pusher pump when we get home to KC hopefully Friday.  ...jack

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