Re: [Chrysler300] Axle spacers in Power-Grip differentials 300H
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Re: [Chrysler300] Axle spacers in Power-Grip differentials 300H

You may recall on my return from the early 90's 300 Meet in Bend, OR in my '66 300, the left rear wheel bearing went south.  I was towed into Weed, CA to a service station where we quickly replaced the bearing.  However, we could not get the axle fully into the center block.  Several hours was spent trying to fish out the pin with a magnet.  We finally pulled the differential and found that the pin had dropped out but not far enough to allow the axle to seat.  We replaced the pin and placed a generous amount of grease in the hole and on the pin so that it would not fall out while replacing the differential.  Worked just fine.  The axle was replaced and I was on my way. 
Hope this helps.
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I have been studying the 62 shop manual regarding the axle spacers (look like nail heads) which go into the center block of my Power-Grip differential and which the rear axles bear on).
It appears they originally were pushed onto a roll pin. When I removed my third member, both fell into the diff housing, something which got me thinking about hazards of reassembly. I really donlt want to wonder about whether they are in the sump or not, and I don;t want to remove the thrid member again!

It looks like there has been a design change, although it seems to be for later models. The updated design uses a long rivet instead of a roll pin, and apparently gets peened over after assembly into the center lock. 
I am mightily interested in hearing any experiences with this,
Thank You,

Mike Moore


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