Re: [Chrysler300] Axle spacers in Power-Grip differentials 300H
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Re: [Chrysler300] Axle spacers in Power-Grip differentials 300H


Good dialog on this. I have a sure-grip that the spacer fell out of when the diff was removed from the housing (replaced with a different ratio unit) and now the pin is missing. 

Two questions:

1) anyone know where I can get a new pin?
2) the "secret" to installing that new pin and "peening" the one end flat so the two spacers stay in place?



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Just assemble them with heavy grease ..they get loose on pin that is OK , they will not just fall out—unless you do something wrong  ; your shims will then adjust correctly at the wheel bearings ; old pack usually ok as is .  ; from that part of install you can tell the spacers are  in place ok . if one is out of place, even with no shims,  the axles will be still loose in the tapered rollers—remember you are pressing right through that block and through the pins when you set up wheel bearings clearance side to side  ; if one falls out that whole length is then too short.


Obviously, do not contact the spacer nail head with axle end while reassembling and then pull it back out , they might come with it (how they fall out/came out in first place..stuck there to axle end face by the heavy axle oil) the grease will hold if you do not pull them out. You get it! Keep head free of grease too.


Why pack is on one side…block , both pins,  and other axle all move over together when you set clearance spacing with the pack


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I have been studying the 62 shop manual regarding the axle spacers (look like nail heads) which go into the center block of my Power-Grip differential and which the rear axles bear on).

It appears they originally were pushed onto a roll pin. When I removed my third member, both fell into the diff housing, something which got me thinking about hazards of reassembly. I really donlt want to wonder about whether they are in the sump or not, and I don;t want to remove the thrid member again!


It looks like there has been a design change, although it seems to be for later models. The updated design uses a long rivet instead of a roll pin, and apparently gets peened over after assembly into the center lock. 

I am mightily interested in hearing any experiences with this,

Thank You,


Mike Moore




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