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Re: [Chrysler300] Biofuel mandate

I wish articles like this would do two things.  One is in simple, understandable and accurate terms, lay out the relevant factors regarding production costs, energy efficiency, net impact on the environment taking into consideration the energy used in the production of the predominant renewable sources of ethanol, including the impact of diverting food crops to fuel, and identifying the number and location of the economic beneficiaries of the requirement, and the amount of that impact.

The second would be to at least mention the HUGE number of people who have suffered losses from using E-10 in their older cars, boats, outboards, lawn mowers, etc.  I dislike the tendency to sweep all of those losses aside, focusing only on the idea that most modern vehicles are designed to run on E-10.  Forgetting about our beloved cars for the moment, the impact on just the marine industry has been staggering.  Boats, particularly inboards, tend to have a lot longer useful life than cars, and the havoc wreaked on the fuel systems including the tanks is awful.  And unlike most cars, replacing a fuel tank in a boat can be a massive and expensive undertaking.  

My hope is that if the true cost/benefit of E-10 was understood by everyone, enough voters would demand change that it might overcome the boondoggle of the special interests promoting its increase.  But in reality, I know that subsidies or requirements that benefit certain groups almost never go away--they typically are allowed to remain in exchange for supporting someone else's pet subsidy.  That seems to be the way of our special interest political system.

Shannon Steele
300F convertible

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Politics and economics aside, consider our 1955 to very recent 300’s.  If you liked what 10% ethanol did for performance, mileage, gaskets, hoses, gas tank, fuel pumps & carbs you will love what 15% will do.  Cheap oil makes corn gas look even worse economically.  As an Iowa State Mechanical Engineering graduate, I have no qualms in stating that production of corn and ethanol for motor fuel is thermodynamically, chemically, economically, physically and environmentally undefendable—plus it will rot H-E-double hockey sticks out of the fuel systems of our treasured older 300’s.  A double plus for brain-dead environmentalists and the ethanol lobby.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA  (Cheap gas is $2.35/gallon out here—Maybe $0.50/gallon higher than in your state due to the inexplicable simultaneous problems with several refineries that produce California-Grade motor fuel.  Gasoline from your state is just not good enough for our 300’s and we can’t get them to run on rice.)


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Nothing new here.

ANYONE who understands physics, has known this for many years.

When you dilute gas with 10% Ethanol you then have to burn more than a gallon to go as far as 1 gal of plain gas.

All this  so that 300 million cars have to use gas that the feds mandate must have 10% Ethanol to support 500 Iowa corn growers.

These are your lobbyists at work. Not to mention that the feds pay the refiners of Ethanol, 50 cents a gallon subsidy.

So, every gallon you burn has a 5cent Federal payment included.

Looks to me that this is the first place that the Tea  Party should be  looking to save money.



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The link below should take you to an ExxonMobil magazine called the Lamp.  I could not make a direct link to the article about our nations biofuel mandate that might be of interest to some of you.

You will have to go to the table of contents at the bottom on the 2nd page that has the young fellow on the left side; zoom in on the biofuel article, and click on the page no. to go to the one page biofuel article.  My take was that the mandate needs to be reconsidered.




Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


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