Re: [Chrysler300] Rear Springs
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Re: [Chrysler300] Rear Springs

Since wheelbase change occurred up front in subframe/nose, seems possible rear springs could work on anything in 61 or 62?

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What was different to 62, Doug, ?? when you say definitely not correct? Length of them ? If they came off 300H, how are they not correct? Part # issue only? Did they change that with wheel base reduction? If not spoken for I’ll take them. Can you strap to skid can get Estes to pick up. Any $ you incur ,I can make you whole, OK?


Car sat low?


Sometimes same thing has different part #’s , minor upgrades, (or downgrades , like Mopar did to wreck AMC 4.0 six JEEP pistons! Managed to wreck one of best engines made)--- does not impact use of them


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My mistake - should have said 59, not 69.

Definitely not correct for 62 - part #2275869 or 32240686.

Guess could be correct for 59, 60 & 61.

Anyone need them - free to good home - just pay shipping.

Doug Warrener



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Hi Group,

Need help identifying a set of rear springs #1946113.

They came off of a 300H when I installed new Eaton springs.

They were rebuilt sometime in the past, but need to be re-arcked.

Does the 19 mean 1969?


Doug Warrener



Posted by: John Nowosacki <jsnowosacki@xxxxxxxxx>

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