[Chrysler300] F Ram Tube Mounted Anti-stall Vacuum Pot
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[Chrysler300] F Ram Tube Mounted Anti-stall Vacuum Pot

Hi all,
Is there someone else who rebuilds these pots and replates them besides Philbin Manufacturing?  Are they zinc plated, "silver" in color?
About a year ago someone said that Philbin Manuf. in Portland OR rebuilt their anti-stall vacuum pot, the one that bolts to the long ram tube.  They said that they got theirs back from whomever did the work and it was beautiful and worked perfectly.  They also said that the unit was replated and everything.  It looked brand new!
I just talked on the phone to Joe at Philbin who wasn't familiar with this pot.  He said that they don't replate anything, just fix the problem (likely a bad diaphragm).  We are now sending Philbin pictures so everybody is on the same page but...
So we would like hearing from those of you who have had their ram pots done by Philbin or any other company.
Thank you.  We appreciate any Info. on the subject.
Allan & Gloria  


Posted by: "Allan" <agmoon@xxxxxxxxx>

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