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RE: [Chrysler300] Whoa, Nelly!

Ray , That all ended in about 2010-2012.  Gone. That is the problem now. You get sent to Tech Authority, 43$ for 3 days access , last time I spent 5 hours and failed.  Wanted a wiring diagram. How do you look at that on a computer? Write doen the colors at the edges? About 1000 pages. One at a time .  Not that one not that one not that one 


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Service Manuals are the #1 tool in today's world, replacing the old #1 tool, the 5# sledge.

#2 tool was the 16# sledge.

Accessibility of manuals may be limited on the brand new or near new models.
 I was able to download several Service Manuals for $8.00 or less each. 

I bought on ebay a service manual for my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. 2889 pages.

It downloaded so fast, I thought it didn't, so I clicked again and again. 

Ended up with 3 manuals on my desktop, have since sent one to my son for his 2001.
Put one on a thumb drive for Dave Werner. I use MAC and he cries about Windows, but it worked on both.

I have also downloaded them for my 2001 Dakota P/U, 2301 pages, and our 2006 Chrysler T&C, 2339 pages.
Both are easy to use and and all three live in my laptop.

They also include Electrical circuit testing, body, several other manuals, each one separate from the SM.

Find what you want, click print and use the page range,  "from 2554 to 2556" to print out only those pages. 

Now, no dirty manual, use the printed pages, save or throw away when the job is done.

When I had a big job done, I printed out the appropriate pages and gave them to my Mechanic for his reference. 


Check ebay for YOUR service manual in digital form. Cheap, fast and always a hand.

Ray in rainy Mena.


On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 11:17 AM, 'John Grady' jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Lock complicated ,as to why it leaves passenger doors locked—only  sometimes? Not all the time ?? And whether tailgate is included? After “auto lock” at ?5 mph. 


But did find on line about getting rid of damn non stop seat belt buzzer in 2016 Cherokee. (Complicated, have to practice 3-4x due to rapid timing!) That was in Owner’s book in 2002, now afraid of “liability” , nothing in book .  I want to decide when I want belt, not a  Chrysler lawyer.


Screen keeps asking me for credit card number for U connect “apps,” (don’t want apps) and it puts up “release of liability “ or some such legal bs I refuse to read every time I get in it. Positively hate this stuff. Why back to driving the 2002. And 78 stepside truck .


But, just try to get a wiring diagram for a new Cherokee from MOPAR. I did , for radar detector connection. Good bye to you for a week. After paying the 43 $ for ?2 days access, how do you view a whole car wiring diagram on a computer ? Same thing service techs say at dealer . Out of control,  bell curve dummies have run rampant. Never did get the right page , 1000’s of pages. 


I wrote “customer voice guy” a letter, saying 200$ for a real service manual would be good business for MOPAR, look like good guys to whole world, and $ no problem for me . No . They are so greedy, you must go to dealer now. One lesson they took from the ultimate crooks, Mercedes, and their 2500$ modules, 175 hr charges for high school kid with computer plug.  . NO info to fix the 2016 car available , except on line which they have made a 5 hour + exercise in utter frustration trying to navigate one page at a time out of 1000’s menu . (lessons from Apple). That is how they get around the  “right to repair “ law in mass. 


Got better things to do in life,…


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On most Chrysler products the auto

Lock feature can be turned off. Check your owners manual. My 08

Sebring can be set up so when you open the drivers door the passenger door also unlocks.

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On May 5, 2016, at 2:30 PM, paul paulholm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


On 05/05/16 13:13, 'John Grady' jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

> That is unreal.

> Can’t stand that automatic lock. must be 100 times I have gotten out
> of my 02 Jeep went around to pass side with stuff in my arms , or to
> get stuff, and door or tailgate was locked. Twice locked key in car
> because winter coat sleeve brushed the lock button on door arm rest;
> WHY put it the farthest out, where it is right where you will hit it
> ? Morons designed this auto lock feature; like the automatic down of
> front power window. I do NOT want it all the way down, I can hold my
> finger on it or not. Why the front power window motor linkage fails,
> down and up again every time. Or the elderly woman across street who
> came to get me at 11pm, could not get her dome light off, no matter
> what she did, another JEEP treat. …you know about that…

> From: Gary Barker [mailto:gbarker@xxxxxxxxxxxx]

the last 2 'modern' cars we have owned have had the auto down feature,
BUT careful fingering the switch on only partially its full travel
gave us control over the 'how far will it move'. A Full on MASH of
the switch triggered the go 'all the way', this setting was only for
the 'glass go down' function.

Paul Holmgren
Every loaf of bread is a tragic tale of grains
that could have become beer but didn't.

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Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?

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