RE: [Chrysler300] Transmission cooling line failure inside radiator
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RE: [Chrysler300] Transmission cooling line failure inside radiator

All should realize that almost any metallic tubing will withstand hundreds to thousands of PSI when new.  It’s the nature of the small-diameter bore and minimum wall thickness for mechanical strength.  Failure can come from corrosion or fatigue.  If the copper tubing loops are just floating in the tank without corrosion-resistant support (read synthetic), they are bound to fail from vibration-induced fatigue at some point.  That’s why we have steel tubing for critical fluids like gasoline and hydraulic systems.  Below a certain stress level (called the fatigue limit), steel will flex forever and never break—if not otherwise affected by physical or corrosion damage.  That’s one of the reasons why springs are made from steel, not copper, brass or aluminum.


Steel is a wonderful gift to man and has made possible many innovations, including a big portion of the total mass of any Chrysler 300.  Still, steel has its limits and must be protected from nicks, gouges or corrosion in order to fulfill its original service.  That’s true of every one of our Chrysler 300’s.  Properly preserved and protected they will certainly outlast many generations of we mortals who are not so resistant to vibration and corrosion and have limited service lives.



Rich Barber (the old pipeline engineer)

Brentwood, CA




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In general I dont disagree - IF properly Quality Controlled, Chinese may fine. But as to Good copper or Bad copper, I suspect the distinction is amount and type of impurities as well as thickness and consistency of thickness - both related to the tradeoff of Quality vs Cost.

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It's easy to bash Chinese products. But it comes down to quality control. Some parts are good; others are crap. Most everything we use these days has some component made in China. It's called the Global Economy.  Also, AFAIK, copper is copper. There is no 'good' copper and 'bad' copper. If there is, someone please provide a link.


Yes, you reuse your upper and lower tank and replace everything else. Also, as Ray said, get a warranty.

Also agree with John Grady that a forensic investigation should be done to determine where the failure was.





Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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