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RE: [Chrysler300] Leaking Power Steering Pump



The 1964 power steering pump service procedures, drawings and photos may be found on pages 19-30 through 19-44 at:       


During a quick read I did not find a service procedure for repairing a leak in the area you describe but the presence of an O-ring between the pump and reservoir is noted in the trouble-shooting section on Page 19-44, reproduced below but am unsure of formatting.  Snugging up the reservoir mounting screws might suffice.


Leaks (a) Reservoir over-filled. NOTE: Operating the steering gear manually when the engine is not running will cause the steering gear to displace the fluid from

the steering gear housing which will then be forced out of the pump filler cap vent, giving a false indication of fluid leakage.

(b) Pressure and return hose connections and fittings.

(c) Reservoir to-pump-body "O" ring or mounting screws.

(d) Pump shaft oil seal.


(a) See "Fluid Level". Paragraph 1.

(b) Tighten all fittings, check hose for deterioration: replace any faulty hoses. If the discharge fitting is

leaking; See 'Tower Steering Pump Discharge Fitting Ferrule Replacement".

(c) Replace the reservoir "0" ring and tighten reservoir mounting screws.

(d) Replace oil seal.


Hoping this helps.



Rich Barber

(The Real) Brentwood, CA


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Hi all, I need some help from the 300K experts, or anyone who knows.

My pump is leaking, small so far. It is not from front seal behind the

pulley. It is also not from either hose. It seems to be wet on the

bottom of were the reservoir meets the pump. Does this mean it is

leaking from the rear of the pump, and the pump needs replacing or is it

the seal between the two? Or is it impossible to tell? All the

rebuilders I have checked so far supply the pump without reservoir and

pulley. Otherwise the power steering is fine-just annoying leak & I

want to get this fixed before Elkhart. Any help greatly appreciated.


Don Nissen, 300K


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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