[Chrysler300] Posting photos and videos: using the club Facebook page
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[Chrysler300] Posting photos and videos: using the club Facebook page

Hello everyone in 300 land:
I sent a post a few weeks ago alerting the membership that we have our own club Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Chrysler-300-Club-International-172828099428951/
We have decided to keep it a public forum in order to maximize the opportunity to increase awareness of Chrysler 300 letter cars as well as to attract potential new members.  As we all know and have debated vigorously in the past, photos are not allowed on listserver emails.  However, if you have photos of your letter car, parts for sale, restoration tips/photos, or whatever as it relates to Chrysler 300s, you are welcome to post these on the Facebook page as a “visitor.”  Or, if you would like to feature any photos, videos or stories as main page material posted by the “Chrysler 300 Club International” just send it to me via email and I will post it online, typically within 24 hrs. or less.  This can include local or regional shows and events that included Chrysler 300s.  Currently, we typically reach 500 to 1000 unique viewers in less than 24 hrs.  I expect this to dramatically increase as we begin providing more content.
We realize that not everyone has a Facebook account, and that some folks do not care for the public exposure created when something gets posted on the internet.  If you take your car to a local show or club meet and it was photographed, chances are it is already on the internet somewhere.   Privacy is sometimes difficult to maintain in today’s culture.  If you do want photos of your car/person posted, just let us know and we will always try to respect privacy concerns.
That said, Facebook is a very convenient mechanism for sharing photos or achieving a wide global exposure in a short period of time for those situations where it is appropriate or desired.  Most material will likely be shared on other sites, such as the “Forward Look” Facebook page or the “Chrysler 300 Appreciation Society” Facebook page.  Combined, these resources reach many thousands of eyeballs globally within a few days. 
Facebook continues to be a leading social media venue that we can take advantage of, free of charge, to raise awareness of our treasured letter cars. 
Carl Bilter


Posted by: "Carl" <cbilter@xxxxxxxxx>

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