Re: [Chrysler300] 1957,58,59 300 side ornamentation letter and number re
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1957,58,59 300 side ornamentation letter and number retention

Marv, I was looking through 62 era Chrysler spare parts yesterday and on Ebay somewhere way way down the list someone had a small bag of assorted Mopar clips for trim molding studs. As I recall, they were assorted sozes and in a cellophane bag for $6 or so.
Mike Moore
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Agree..they DO fall off , with those clips, especially upon reuse ; and the rattles. Epoxy is just a better way , even with clips. 


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    Try contacting Larry Jett.  I remember he was looking for a C on his side medallion that said good-bye on his Gaugin convertible years back.  Somehow he got the letter and affixed it so that he could sell it to Jeff Miklas!   By the way, when I replaced my side bezels, etc., I used the small fasteners and epoxied over them not for rattles but as insurance against what Larry had experienced.  To this day after driving my C I always glance at my side letters to see if they stayed with me or fled for a divorce!  I guess that is one of those subliminal issues that makes my pulse race when lifting the door to the storage garage when taking Mopsy out!   300’ly, Rob Kern


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Subject: [Chrysler300] 1957,58,59 300 side ornamentation letter and number retention



To any C, D or E members who have had to secure the numbers and letters to the side quarter plastic disc.  I have searched but have not been able to locate the small tinnerman like clips that hold the cast numbers and letter to the plastic red white and blue disc.  I can epoxy them but without some mechanical hold onto the pins I fear they will only break lose.  I have ordered numerous clips and push-ons but with so small a height to the pin I can't get any to hold.  Anyone else have a similar experience.  And thanks to all who responded to my last question.  Marv Raguse....57 and 58 300s...


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