[Chrysler300] 1960 Shift cable.
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[Chrysler300] 1960 Shift cable.

Hi all: 
I had a really badly deteriorated shift cable on my '56 Dodge.  I removed the bad part of the casing and then smeared Mopar "Black rubber in a tube" on the bare part up to almost the firewall.  Next, I slid the shrink tubing over the length I applied the "rubber" and heated it. Just for insurance, I installed a small hose clamp at the bottom where the cable enters the tranny.  This operation was done some 30 years ago and I still have yet to see a leak.
Dan Reitz
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Thanks for all the offers of parts and suggestions about the shirt cable.  After I read all the replies I've decided to get it on a lift and see if is just a really bad leak that can be fixed with the heat tube suggestion.

If it turns out that it needs a new cable I now have leads on several used and maybe a source for a new one.

Thanks again everyone.



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