RE: [Chrysler300] 1960 Shift cable.
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RE: [Chrysler300] 1960 Shift cable.

What is happening is after the car sit for a long period of time the torque converter could drain down into the transmission. At that point the transmission fluid is over the full mark and will leak out the seals.

Mel Stoltzman


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I think most mopar , even later 727 drain the converter when sitting a long time , it is like an upside down glass of water , a bubble ( tiny air leak) lets air in somewhere in trans and the couple of quarts (?) of oil comes out . ( why you check it running too ) Even if no leak you notice a delay engaging drive after storage as it fills . Whether it takes a Week or a year to drain back . Probably normal to some degree . And not much you can do ... nothing really wrong ?  That shaft and cable if all in good shape , good seals,  retain the overage ok but Rich  is correct it is higher than normal , so out it comes if seal at shaft is worn . So if you drive daily it stays up there , in converter , but left alone , drained back it goes higher than the throttle shaft and if loose seal can leak there or cable . Cable also needs a good new  o ring there . Have seen wrong size a few times -- too loose ( diameter of rubber o ring cord , not diameter of ring) .. looks like cable leak but really o ring . 

I have the pans too . Not about to pull apart , although I think throttle shaft seals can be changed in place . If I remember right not easily, Again , I defer to Don V 

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Mick & all:


As I recall from my PowerFlite leakage problem, it could not be fixed until repairs were made internally to prevent the torque converter from draining down and flooding the system beyond what it was designed to hold. 


Just $0.02 (maybe less) worth.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Thanks for all the offers of parts and suggestions about the shirt cable.  After I read all the replies I've decided to get it on a lift and see if is just a really bad leak that can be fixed with the heat tube suggestion.


If it turns out that it needs a new cable I now have leads on several used and maybe a source for a new one.


Thanks again everyone.





Posted by: "Melvin Stoltzman" <mlstoltzman@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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