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RE: RE[Chrysler300] 300 Starter and Generator Rebuilder

Similar Story locally here in Iowa. There was a shop owner in town that really knew the good stuff on any starter or alternator and how to correct any problem. Worked on two for me in the past. Checked recently when I had a problem with charging and went with a NAPA alternator that was the correct one since the shop had closed because of the passing of the owner. Even the MOPAR dealer said that this would have been the way to go since the alt/starter shop was closed and  was no longer available. The best people are passing out of the scene and the newer mechanics do not have the training and background to work on the older machines. Ran into the same problem when the Primary Choke Pull Off quit on my K and even the dealer said that he did not have a mechanic that knew how to work on carbs. I found an independent shop that was ran by a former short track racer/owner that was more than familiar with the Holley carbs and after I found the correct choke part fixed the problem in minutes. Even tweaked the settings on the carb gratis.  I guess this is the way the world is going. John...

At 12:24 PM 2/3/2017, you wrote:

I think he meant to say 426? Â (B block) starter..but some of those vary too, I think, in flywheel gear count. . Hot Heads has the early 392 one. Or at least they say they do ,and shipped me something looks right, but not in car yet. Check the site??


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Completely different starter. Early Hemi starters are not available at any parts store.



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When I replaced the starter on my 300H last year, my friend Chuck Hill suggested I install the larger  starter used for the hemis (?), which I did.

I bought t from AutoZone and it was the largest Mopar starter they sold.

It made a HUGE difference, Starting the car now is like turning n a switch for an electric motor. I am not a fan of non-stock, but that is the best mod Iâ??ve ever made to that car.


Mike Moore



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Sorry to hear about that passing ..those guys are so special..what they know goes with them?..

On the starter,, I wanted to second Bob Jâ??s comment that various starters are used and fit mechanically, but have trouble cranking 392 especially when hot. . Can drive you crazy as nothing is wrong except somewhere along the trail it acquired a ? more common Dodge V8 starter .

Why I post is Hot Heads sells a â??replacementâ?? rebuilt 57 or 58 392 starter ..apparently the correct one. I bought one from them, it seemed noticeable heavier than others I have seen,  but not a parts book guru guy. Looks new!! Reasonable $ too. Not used in car yet.

They also sell modern small gear reduction starters that fit if that is of any interest.


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In regard to having vintage components rebuilt, I just wanted to inform the group that Glenn Cheaney at Ace Alternator and Starter Exchange in Wichita, KS passed away recently after a bout with cancer.  When I called the shop, it was clear that the owner missed his business partner for over 20 years very much.

He did recommend another shop that he is referring people to who need vintage electrical items restored:

Dan Smith

617 680-1557

1223 Main Street,

Ashby, MA 01431

You must mail them the part and they will reply back with a quote to rebuild it to show specs. 

Steve Albu

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I had excellent results having the starter (and generator and voltage regulator, too) on my 1957 Chrysler 300C restored (not just rebuilt!) to beautiful original appearance, PLUS he installed extra-heavy field coils (I believe it entailed an entire additional field winding unit).  The fellow's name is Glenn Cheaney at Ace Alternator and Starter Exchange in Wichita, KS.  He is independently employed there to do custom restorations on vintage electrical components.  Glenn's phone numbers are (239)821-6548  and (316)529-8854, and his e-mail is gcheaney@xxxxxxx.    The website is   Very reasonable prices and an interesting fellow to work with!
Ray Melton
1957 Chrysler 300C  convertible
White/Gauguin       3N572517
Las Cruces, NM

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When I restored my H, I had the original starter rebuilt at a reputable shop in Florence, SC. The third time I fired it up, the starter quit. So, instead of spending more money on another rebuild (without a warranty), I went to Auto Zone and bought a "Lifetime Warranty" starter. Thirteen years and 17,000 miles later it's still performing as it did when I first installed it. Just sayin'.

Happy Moparing,


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The starter shouldn't be too difficult to find, as it was used over many years on many vehicles.  Having written that,  I would first consider having my original rebuilt, if you still have it.  There is one issue worth mentioning, that is there were at least two, if not three field windings available for the starter.  You want the heavy duty winding installed, as it provides the most torque for overcoming "heat soak", hard turnover, after the car is run and turned off then restarted..  I fought with the problem for several years until my rebuilder told me I had the light duty winding in it.  He sourced and installed the heavy winding and I haven't had an issue with hard turnover since.  Check for local rebuilders, they may also have the starter if you don't have one.

Bob J

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Hello Group,

Does anyone have a bead on a starter for a 300G?





Posted by: John Holst <jholst@xxxxxxxxx>

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