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RE: [Chrysler300] 1964 300K

Interesting subject, I bought a “restored” 67 273 cuda in Ca , drove back to Boston with much hassle, (as in steering box bolts falling out) where some genius had put on two mopar connection valve covers with oil fills in both, no breather, PCV all nicely plumbed in. You step on it, blows out dipstick and oil all over the engine ,as in quarts. Related, air inlets from air cleaners  often blow back, making a big mess inside. Latest car I am doing, non stock, I ran hose from oil fill pipe (old hemi) to its own 4” air cleaner in front and low on radiator sheet metal. Sealed fill cap . If a mess it drops out. Should NOT be a mess, we all know, but often is,,….PCV  hose is on small side, ok for manifold suction  vapor venting, but not WOT blowby peaks. So oil mist blows out of breather, coating engine. ….PCV or not. . Maybe D nd D were on to something. Also PCV is not open at WOT. hmmm




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FYI The Grandparents had a 51 Chrysler Imperial with a Douglas Donaldson valve. The valve fastened into the hole where the draft tube would have been and a flexible tube to the base of the Carb. It could be disassembled and cleaned. kind of a check valve exactly like a PCV valve only five times larger.


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I lived in California in 1966 when I bought my 300H. It was exempt from smog equipment because of “multiple-carburetions” same as my TR3 with two SU’s.

Mike Moore 300H


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> 1961 was the first year for smog equipment on California sold cars.The
> 1961 Chrysler service manual shows the ram intake PCV valve.

> /Bob J/

errr, Hummm!

As I previously detailed some time ago, Whilst tripping down the isles
of a parts place looking for DIY stuff for Wifypoo's 90 LeBaron GT
the cattylog for PCV stuff had a listing for 1957 Chrysler's. I
scratched my head on that a little then recalled I had a picture
somewhere of a California 1957 392 hemi with what looked like a factory
hooked up PCV setup, ran from the earl fill tube to the carb somewhere.

Didn't discover what was done to the downdraft vent tube.

Never learned if that was a retro fit assemblage or not.

Paul Holmgren
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