RE: [Chrysler300] Travel in NYS to the "Fins in the Finger Lakes"
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RE: [Chrysler300] Travel in NYS to the "Fins in the Finger Lakes"

No cure for the bell curve. Brutal. Evolution will fix it but it will take a while.


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These stupid little robots we all carry around in our pockets or purses, to which many have their noses obsessively glued, are costing all of us huge dollars in our ever-rising insurance premiums. State Farm announced recently that it lost $7B this past year, primarily driven by cellphone use crashes. Judging from my daily observation, walking across downtown Chicago from my office to my commuter train station, of thousands of folks who can't function for a couple minutes off their robots, it's continually getting worse. I'm guessing Apple or Google or another tech outfit will invent a way of simply parking a 'smartphone' into one's skull for a more direct and constant connection. 

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Sheesh, Jamie! Sounds like a real user-friendly attitude going on there with the "above-the-dash" rule. I guess I just lucked out a few years back when we came to Lake George for the 300 Meet. I naively had my Garmin glowing merrily on the windshield the whole way across the Upstate, and never got pulled for it. With all the other bad luck we received a trophy for experiencing on that trip, I think getting 4 points and a huge fine on top of it all might have sent me on a pretty spirited rant. So thanks for the heads-up on the enforcement.


What about the front and rear seat passengers? Does the same rule apply to them regarding cell phone use on the road, or can they do the calling?


In truth though, if more people get to live through the driving experience by following NY rules, I'm all for it. Under Michigan law it's legal to phone, but not to text. Unfortunately that law is a big joke to the kids here who die in droves from crossing over the center line. The cops don't write anyone up for it unless they cause an accident while texting - and it's a little late at that point. It would be interesting indeed to compare the young folks' death rates in NY vs. MI and see if NY's strict rules and enforcement make a measurable difference.


Keith Boonstra




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Club, for those of you traveling into our great regulated state of NY next week for the spring meet, I want to mention that New York is very very aggressive in their hands free electronic enforcement. You will see the signs after you cross the border, so don’t even think of touching your phone while driving, even at stop lights, it is a four pointer, and a huge fine. We also have a “no electronic devices allowed above the plane of the dash board”, like GPS units, radar detectors, and phones in window mounts. You can have these items, they just cannot be mounted above the dash. You will also see 5 large blue signs posted that tell of the attractions in NY, and list web sites to go to for more information, these are very controversial as the Feds have told NY that they cannot erect them, plus they encourage you to check a web site for more information which goes against their hands free policy.  Hope to see you all safe next week at the event, I have heard that the staff at GLG has been cleaning up the collection just for us.  




Jamie Hyde

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