RE: [Chrysler300] Voltage Regulator-solid state
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RE: [Chrysler300] Voltage Regulator-solid state

Hi Bob,


Sort of as you are finding out, IMHO, solid-state low production stuff (usually from China) is just not as good as the mechanical one..that is for sure over the first 60 k miles..Why want solid state? Marketing?


Any electrolytic caps inside are rated for 3000 hours, less at high temp, one spike wipes out transistors/ IC’s .  I opened one of the bad ones I had , it was a single custom IC chip glued to the metal can base plate, for a heat sink. 50 cents worth of stuff.  Find an Echelin NOS mechanical, be happy. Bullet proof.


Solid state , one wire field,  alternator regulators sold by NAPA are real junk, the one with one red wire hanging out of a box is PURE junk; went thru 3 of those on my 67 dart. . The flickering ammeter is an indication (on the early alternator, mechanical VR ) all is working ok…


That being said, the Blue Streak line out of Standard Auto Parts was pretty good, usually. And I think the box is black…Maybe even rock auto…


Later B body ones , for one wire alternator (resto ones) should work fine, but no personal experience.  ; do not mix up the two kinds of wiring, VR’s,  or alternator  ---totally different. How many field wires (smaller gauge wires, F1 F2 ,or just an F1 ) leave alternator is the key. (not ground wires).


I helped a guy who had ended up with two wire wiring on alternator and regulator on a 65 Imperial, (it had been “converted “ to a two wire alternator, and VR, but then he had alternator trouble, his mechanic had put in the right alternator, and chose to ground the now extra wire, he thought it was a ground, blew up the harness and 3-4 VR’s .Car had sat for 3 years over this. Took a whole day to get sorted out as “wrong” wiring was all nicely hidden in the newly taped harness. Really mixed me up, until I realized what was going on. (colors all wrong on VR ) . Yours is not like that, but beware . Use FSM too , on the colors, locations on VR . Usually different terminal ends  are there, to prevent hook up errors. You can use a later two wire alternator on early cars by grounding one of the field wires (jumper).


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Does anyone have a suggestion for a source for an original looking voltage regulator that is solid state?  I got one about 12 years ago from John Hertog, but it is now failing.  I know there are a number of solid state replacements available, but I'd like it to look right too.




Bob J

'61 300G



Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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