[Chrysler300] 1962 Automatic Trans Mount
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[Chrysler300] 1962 Automatic Trans Mount

Hi Group,

Had my car on my hoist today and noticed that the "donut" on the trans cross member was in two pieces. I removed the old one and replaced it with a spare I had. 

I find it odd that the ID of the grommet / donut is much larger than the shaft of the bolt that goes through it. I also noticed that when this trans bolt is fully seated, there is a good 1/4" - 3/8" gap gap from the bolt head washer and the bottom of the x-member. The bolt does not "tighten up".

This donut in the x-member does not come in contact with any other parts.

Does any one in the club care to speculate as to why Chrysler engineers chose to design this mount in this fashion? I may be missing something here, but I see the potential for a lot of movement, especially at WOT.

Perhaps my parts are worn out, but I think not.

Has anyone else ever noticed this and if so, has anyone tried to modify for less movement?

Interested to hear any comments.

Thanks. Charlie in Ottawa



Posted by: charlies@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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