Re: [Chrysler300] Torky fluid preference???
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Re: [Chrysler300] Torky fluid preference???

No apology necessary, everyone has there own opinion on what to use. I used dex 4 in my 95 LHS. When the converter would start to shudder, I would put fresh dex 4 in and it would be fine.
If I remember right , the 400 uses a second speed clutch, and not a band like the iron TF. It is also a much different planetary, although they do the same thing. It is a heavy duty trans, like the 727, and Ford C6. The 400 uses one sprag, and one over running clutch. That was one error in the Hot Rod article, as they are two different things.
When I do a performance 727 rebuild, I always use the Trans go kits by Gil Younger. They are the best.
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Don, I publicly apologize to you. And to everyone else, If Don tells you to run Type F in the transmissions he is responsible for, please by all means do so. I was not trying to undermine him.


the iron TF and 727 TF are not that similar. Now the turbo-hydro 400 looks like they tried to copy the iron TF.  Mid case support and sprag.


I also agree that the 727 article had some problems and was for setting a 727 up for performance usage. Some things were lost in translation, Even after re-reading.


Where I am coming from is after attending a Gil Younger transmission seminar approximately the mid to late 1990's we were informed 'Type A and Type F were no longer the same that was available even through the 1960's,1970's and to mid  1980's' There wasn't any whale oil, and reserves were exhausted.

they mentioned the reformulations Dexron II Mercon II and later sent out recommendations for the  Mopar +4. I have used this in everything  I own and have built in the last 18-19 Years. Power Flites and Iron A488 Torque Flites,  A727, A904, A998 999, A500,40-44 RH/RE, 518 618 47 A818 RH/RE, 48RE, 45RFE, 545RFE Very few transverse.


   I inherited a good amount of NOS Power flite and A488 TF parts. I used new paper and rubber when I could find it. Not real happy with a company that repackaged dried out seal antique rubber. I am sur Don Know's who. All my old NOS clutches and bands have survive so far. Yes I even used the old two part cork and friction clutches. Knock on wood. All with Mopar +4 and added Cooling line transmission filters from the 1960's push-button models, being they come with a repair kit that makes installing them a breeze, even on Iron. I will be responsible for my transmissions. and Don for his.



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The 727 and the cast iron TF have nothing in common. I still recommend type F if it is available, but Dexron III or Mercon is OK too. I use it in my cars because it is cheaper and easier to fine. I have had no issues with it. I don’t know why anyone would recommend ATF-4 in an old trans. It is for later computer controlled transmissions, and is probably not compatible with the clutch and band material in the old units. The Hot Rod article also had some blatant errors to a trans guy. It was all about hot rodding a 727, most of which is not needed on a street car. 
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Since the HotRod article specifically addresses the 727 transmission, I'm not sure their fluid recommendation would apply to the earlier 488 cast-iron TorqueFlite in my 1957 300.   My transmission was rebuilt by 300 Club TorqueFlite Guru Don Verity, who recommended Type F for that transmission, and  I'm sure he was aware of the ATF+4 fluid when he rebuilt it a couple of years ago.   There was also a thread regarding the thermal stability superiority of the new synthetic fluids, but raising the possible incompatibility with old-formulation seals, leading to leakage, so I was reluctant to experiment!  The Type F seems to be working OK now, although it puked at  least a quart out the dipstick tube after driving only 20 miles (initial overfill?) but has settled down after that.  I barely have 200 miles on it yet. 


Ray Melton    Las Cruces, NM    1957 300C convertible      s/n 3N572517

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I do agree with the Hot Rod article...I have used the Mopar ATF+4 for years almost two decades , also our local go to, Ford transmission builder uses +4. We both agreed the reason we use it is.. We never want to have come back repairs. so far we both have done well utilizing this fluid.

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It took some scrolling through a lot of great tips for improving the 727
that sounded reasonable, but the ATF recommendation is "Ron is also a
believer in synthetic automatic transmission fluid and says the old standard
Type-F is outmoded today because it breaks down and foams more readily. A
less expensive alternate is Chrysler ATF+4 fluid, which is a semi-synthetic
blend.ATF +4"

Rich Barber
Brentwood, CA

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Interesting article on Torqueflite mods as well as a recommendation for
fluid to be used.

Bill Huff

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