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Re: [Chrysler300] age of ownership

I was 19 when I bought my first letter car. In 1961 I was driving down Van Nuys Blvd. (So. Cal) and saw this black beauty with it’s shark mouth grill sitting in  the front row of used car dealer. Made a hard U turn back to lot. Salesman came out when I was looking over the car. I bet he thought why is this kid looking at this car when I drove up in my 50 Olds with one fender a different color. He told me it was a 1957 300C. I was awe struck looking at the car and when he opened the hood I was amazed to see that monster hemi with dual 4’s, I was hooked. He told me the price $1700. I told him I would be back, don’t think he expected to see me again. Next day my buddy took me back w/ 17, $100 bills and it was mine.
The funny part of the story, when I was driving back home I keep seeing something in rear view mirror close behind me. I took me a minute to realize it was those monster fins looking back
at me.
Gary The Parts Doc
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Technically my first 300 was not a letter car, rather a '65 300 2 dr/ht maybe this doesn't qualify.
In 1970, my parents brought me home from the hospital after birth in the gold on black 300 and when I was 15 years old it was given to me for my birthday. It had been sitting on blocks for a few years but I spent a year getting it roadworthy again before getting my licence and finally driving it 'legally'. Still have some of that car, it was parted out and some of it used to restore my current '65 300 Sport.
Don't think I ever drove a 300 over 100 mph...not for long anyway.
Ryan Hill

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Gloria writes:
I think we need a contest to decide who the youngest Letter Series 300 owner is/was. 
How old were you when you got your Letter Car?
(I was 27).
And Bonus Question, how old were you when you drove a 300 over 100 mph? 

(I never have).
What say you?


Posted by: "Gary Nelson" <gnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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