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Re: [Chrysler300] Instrument Lights

All mopar of this era to my knowledge dash lights come on via the headlight switch . Usually an orange small gauge wire . 
The headlight has to be in park lights or head lights , then it goes through the dash dimmer resistor to the dash lights . If a short in dash lights  it can burn out  that dimmer resistor wound coil at the front of headlight switch , but usually will still go on at one ( bright ) end .    Often these dimmers are corroded and intermittent — can be often fixed by vigorous turning back and forth if not burned out .
I think on some there is a dash light circuit breaker inside headlight switch sometimes a fuse . Look up any dash light , on print , follow wire # to source .  Will be headlight switch . 

. Happened   to be working on F,G H harnesses last week ( a moron cut them all — right at firewall ) and noticed G or H has an added small fuse taped to harness up behind speedo for the luminescent power supply only , which connects eventually to that same orange 12v dash light wire . Failure of that supply ( it shorts?) must blow light dimmer . 

Internal fuse or breaker seems not to protect the dimmer from shorts.  It melts first . Unless dash lights full on . 

So, this must have taken out headlight switch dimmers in 60? Obvious a running factory change and not on print I had . 

What shorted to burn your Harness ? 

On one of these the heavy green wire in the kick panel with a fuse in it (60-61) used to power seats (?) (or something ) shorted out by cutting into insulation like a razor knife on the very sharp edge of the metal access opening in kick panel  , where three breakers are , —— before the fuse of course , taking  out whole harness behind dash out to battery  . Junk now . Wires destroyed by main ones melting . 
Heads up on dressing that green wire carefully . I put added sleeving on some of  those  wires  , there .   
John G 

Ps also noticed on all three harnesses , severe corrosion on feed to dome lights  ( pink) at bottom of kick panel in body wiring connector there , and also corrosion on female end of heavy PS feed wire at seat . These are alive at 12 v at all times , dampness in rug or jute must cause this . 
So no lights on roof .. or no P seats 
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On 3 Aug 2020, at 12:02 pm, ALLAN POZDOL apozdol@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi there,

I have a strange question to ask. On the 64 300 K or? do the gauge lights come on when the ignition is switched on? I can't remember of my 64 New Yorker did this way back in 1975!
I have just finished repairing the wiring loom where a wire had smoked and burned through some other wires. I just wrapped the whole thing back up, and wanted to ask before I tear back in. The wiring diagram has this isolated from the ignition switch, and the new light and wiper switches I have not yet not installed back in. Operators manual doesn't address this, I might guess this may do so as an alternative to an alternator/ignition on function.



Posted by: John Grady <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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