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RE: [Chrysler300] Instrument Lights

Answering your question: On the 64 300 K or? do the gauge lights come on when the ignition is switched on?  The answer is no.  Power to the dimmable instrument lights does not flow through the ignition switch.  If you have the dimmable lights come on when you turn on the ignition switch, I suspect you have a short from wires Q-2 (from ign. switch-black), Q-2A (to fuse box-black) V-1 (wiper switch-pink), D-1 (flasher-black), G-1 (fuel & temp gauges-black).  To any one of the dimmable light wires-orange.   


Power to all dimmable lights  (dash, radio, shifter, clock/HVAC switch) in the 1964 Chryslers flows from the alternator to and through the “TAIL STOP DOME” fuse to the B2 spade on the headlight switch, to and through the dimming resistor, to and through the “INSTR” fuse to a wiring junction and thence splits to the two bulbs on each side of the instrument panel, the radio lights, the clock/HVAC control box and shifter control on the dash or console light.  All dimmable lights should come on together when the light switch knob is pulled out-regardless of the position of the ignition switch.  Twisting the headlight switch knob can take the lighting level of all bulbs from full on to full off.  If the dimming resistor is damaged or shot, the full-on position should still bring on all dimmable lights. If the engine is not running or the alternator not running, power for lighting will backflow through the Ammeter  to R-6.


On the Chrysler wiring diagram that would be wires R-6; Q-3; M-1; L-8; E-1; E-2; E-2A,B,C,D&E


Power to the wiper switch comes from the alternator/battery to and through the ignition switch to a circuit breaker on the wiper switch.  The ignition switch must be in the ACC or RUN position to power the wipers, washer pump or backup lights.


On the Chrysler wiring diagram that would be wires R-6; J-1; Q-2; V-1; V-3,4,5,6  and V-1: B-1 and V-1; V-9; V10


Hope this helps.

Rich Barber

Brentwood CA





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Hi there,


I have a strange question to ask. On the 64 300 K or? do the gauge lights come on when the ignition is switched on? I can't remember of my 64 New Yorker did this way back in 1975!

I have just finished repairing the wiring loom where a wire had smoked and burned through some other wires. I just wrapped the whole thing back up, and wanted to ask before I tear back in. The wiring diagram has this isolated from the ignition switch, and the new light and wiper switches I have not yet not installed back in. Operators manual doesn't address this, I might guess this may do so as an alternative to an alternator/ignition on function.




Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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