RE: [Chrysler300] over heating 1964 300 K convert A/C
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RE: [Chrysler300] over heating 1964 300 K convert A/C

The temperature gauge depends on proper operation of the +5VDC Voltage limiter in the fuel gauge.  The Voltage limiter can be upgraded to solid-state and calibrated at         Buy a contactless IR temperature gun and shoot the radiator, water pump, thermostat housing to get a cross-check on the temperature.  I’m told that ignition timing can impact heat generation within the engine.  The cooling system is most challenged when idling in stop and go traffic with the A/C on.  I hope you had your engine block cleaned and flushed when you had the radiator re-cored and that the fluid-filled fan clutch is fully locked at the high temperatures.


Check the “INSTR” fuse which protects all the dimmable lights in the dash, clock & HVAC control and radio lamps.  The clips in the fuse box are subject to corrosion and are hard to clean.  Twisting the headlamp switch knob all the way (I think to the left-CCW) should display all the lamps at full brilliance even if the dimmer resistor in the headlamp switch is defective.  The headlight switch must be pulled out half or full and the ignition switch in “RUN” position.


Turn signal indicators should flash with the front and rear turn signal lamps.  The power to the LH & RH indicator lamps on the dash come from the same place on the connector as the F&R turn signal lamps.  The turn signal and indicator lights are totally independent from the dimmable lamps.  Do you have the external lamps working but not the indicators?  Do you have a tilt wheel?  There is a little jumper to connect the GM/Saginaw tilt column wiring to the Chrysler wiring harness and one of the connectors in white/clear plastic can be brittle and fail.  Each of the individual printed circuit boards on the instrument panel are grounded in two places each to the panel chassis with that chassis grounded to and through the steel of the dash/cowl.  If any of these four small screws were missing or loose, various bulbs would not function.


What parts did you replace?  The headlight switch?  Flasher? Wiring and switch in the column?


Rich Barber

Brentwood CA (Headed for 101F today)



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Hi group I need help on overheating, the radiator was record and at 100 degrees for two days it overheated, could I need a different thermostat, do not know what I have now. Also a new problem, the dash light dimmer does not work and the turn signal indicator also failed which both were just replaced with aftermarket parts, any Idea for a source of reliable parts?


Thanks group

Harry Torgeson


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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