{Chrysler 300} just great book !!
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{Chrysler 300} just great book !!

Belonging to SAE , i came across a fantastic book , could not put it down .
it is small,  but super !
“ The Birth of Chrysler Corporation , and Its Engineering Legacy”

Written by Carl Breer before his death , as a book outline, but compiled for publishing long after . 
He was one of the “ Three Musketeers” famous at Chrysler engineering ,  the other two being Fred Zeder and Owen Skelton .
One forgets they brought us  not only the hemi head, but hydraulic brakes and overdrive, tuned motor mounts , much more , —- in railroad suspensions and WW 2 aircraft engines as  well . Harmonic crank dampers , on and on , pure genius  .Over and over . 

Interesting , innovation mostly from hands on experience and  brilliant visualization of complex problems in a way that enhances communication ( and solutions) to others . Math does not sub for understanding … but sure helps it ! no math in this book … ! 
I liked his explanation of “ center of impact “ with respect to suspension loads vs car CG location —  and CG of engine  vibration . Big insight in that
And the Airflow , —- too far ahead . He drove one himself … a DeSoto. Now all cars are aerodynamically designed ..  60 years later .. 
SAE order # R -144 
Best regards ,.. and you will love it , 

John Grady PE 

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