[59plymouth] RE: Three differences between California built Sport Furys
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[59plymouth] RE: Three differences between California built Sport Furys

Regarding the "trivia contest" for the differences between California-built Sport Furys and those built elsewhere, Bernie Brouillet writes:
Here's the differences I know of, California built conditions listed first: 
Pedals - Horizontal texture / design, as mentioned this morning and verified by various photos. 
Cowl vent - A bright cross-hatched screen vs. a multi row louvered design for the rest - suggest Tom Fox be the arbiter, quite sure I've seen a photo of his cowl in that left coast condition. Being from Oregon I'm sure that's where most of his cars came from - he sent me pictures of his "Fury that Chrysler Forgot to Build" many years ago, including some before shots, it was an Emerald Green car. 
Swivel Seat release levers - they have a ribbed texture on the top surface, slighty convex too, where the others (that I've seen) are a smooth chromed surface, don't think they were convex either. 
I'm copying Robert Hinds here, Technical Advisor for the POC for '59, to see if he can identify any others...

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