[59plymouth] Problem with the Mailing List server
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[59plymouth] Problem with the Mailing List server


Today there was a problem with the mailing list server -- I was alerted to it when I got a bounce on something I posted (below).  I believe the problem has since been remedied.  If you attempted to post and got a bounce, please retry.

And if you didn't post anything...

Well, why not?!

Just kidding.  Keep those cards and letters coming...



As for the information about the restoration of steering wheels, perhaps a
"Vendors and Services Offered" section in the '59 Forum would be
appropriate.  I have at least 5 vendors that I could write about, including
all of the contact information.  I've noticed on "Forwardlook.net" that
members would mention a person or company, but never include any contact
information.  You might want to suggest in that section that a website or
phone number must be included.

Excellent idea!  And so it is done.  I'm copying the list here as followup.
Take it out for a spin!


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